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White label live chat is a premium feature that allows you to fully detach your chat window from Provide Support Live Chat brand. Currently we offer two white labelling options:

  • Branding removal. This basic option is included into any standard subscription price - once you have a paid subscription you can remove "Powered by Provide Support" link from your chat window.
  • User-owned domain. This premium option includes moving chat window link to the customer's domain. All network requests required for the chat window to function properly go to the customer's domain as well.

Branding removal

To remove "Powered by Provide Support" link from your chat window just open your account Control Panel, Account Settings / Live Chat Window page and disable "Show 'Powered By' label" option in the Features section.

Note! This option is available for free in all accounts with active subscription.

Basic white labeling screenshot

User-owned domain

User-owned domain is a premium option. Using it, you are able to host your chat link on your own domain. After this the chat window link will be opened from your domain and all network requests sent out by the chat window will also go to your domain as well.

This feature implementation for each account requires additional resources - both technical and human. That's why this feature is provided for an additional annual fee of $49 per domain.

Live chat window opened on a custom domain

To setup custom domain for your account please do the following:

  1. Let us know the required domain name in chat or via email. The domain should be dedicated for chat only, so the best option is to use a subdomain, for example
  2. We will let you know the IP address you need to add to your domain A-record and will generate an invoice in your account.
  3. Let us know when the A-record is set and the invoice is paid.
  4. After this as soon as we finish the setup from our side we will let you know when your new custom chat link is ready to use.

Note! User-owned domain feature is supported by the modern chat window only. If you still use the classic chat window, please consider switching to the modern one. It supports all the features, looks better and can be opened using the same chat button code. So you only need to adjust your account settings, no website updates required.

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