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Настройка и использование онлайн консультанта - видео-уроки

Provide Support Live Chat overview

Provide Support Live Chat is a powerful customer support tool, which allows you to help customers instantly via live chat, see their navigation through your website in real time, guide them, and offer assistance proactively. See our live chat in action and get acquainted with some basic useful features.

Web live chat agent app and it's features

Though we encourage our clients to use native desktop chat agent apps for communication, but sometimes it's not possible to install third party apps due to a company security limitations. In this case, we suggest to use web chat agent app. It doesn't require installation and works well with all modern browsers.

Provide Support Live Chat Statistics app overview

In this video tutorial you will learn how to use Provide Support Live Chat statistics module. You can monitor your chat performance on different levels, learn your traffic sources, get reports for any periods, determine most popular pages and much more!

Provide Support chat window customizations tutorial

With a great set of features Provide Support live chat window can be customized to match any website look. In this video overview we will show you Provide Support live chat window customization opportunities.

Как настроить опрос перед чатом

In this short video tutorial we will show you how to collect valuable information from your chat visitors with a help of customizable pre-chat forms in Provide Support Live Chat.

By using pre-chat forms, you can collect information from a customer, such as a name or a description of a problem, when the customer requests to chat with an agent.

Как настроить поведение чата, когда вы не в сети

If you want your visitors to leave a message, when all the support agents are offline or after work-hours you can display an offline form. In this video we will show you how to use and customize your Offline form in Provide Support Live Chat, which opens by clicking on an offline chat button.

How to set up an eye-catcher feature on your website

In this video tutorial you will learn how to set up an eye-catcher feature on your website. Eye catcher helps to draw attention of your customers to the live chat button placed on any website page and encourages them to contact your customer support team.

Provide Support Live Chat and Wix integration

Are you a Wix-based site owner? This video tutorial is for you then! With a few simple steps you can integrate your Provide Support account with your Wix site. The detailed live chat and Wix integration instruction with screenshots is also available on our integrations page.

Provide Support Live Chat and WordPress integration

This video tutorial shows how you can easily integrate Provide Support Live Chat to your WordPress website with a help of our WordPress plugin. Easy to use, easy to set up.

Provide Support Live Chat and BigCommerce integration

Provide Support chat can be easily integrated with BigCommerce websites. It will take just a couple of easy teps to setup everything up and running.

Watch our short tutorial to see how easy this integration is!

How to use the snipping tool in the native Provide Support live chat agent app

Sometimes a live chat agent needs to make a screenshot and send it to the customer during the chat. In this case, the snipping tool comes in handy. In this video you will learn how the snipping tool works in the native Provide Support live chat agent app.

8 tips how to take the most of Provide Support live chat

Did you know that live chat software has its hidden potential? It has features you probably were not using but which may be extremely helpful for your website and business. In this video we will tell you about some of them and help to start using Provide Support live chat tool more deeply.

13 tips how to improve your customer support

In this video tutorial by Provide Support Live chat, you will find some guidelines on how a service agent can best handle the major key points in a live chat conversation. This video will be informative for entry-level customer support specialists as well as professionals.

8 ways to say no to customers with examples

In any customer interaction, it is not easy to say “no” and continue a smooth conversation. In this video tutorial you will find 8 useful tips how to say “no” without ruining your customer’s trust.

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